Welcome to brÛ!


Fun Facts about BRÛ 

  • Most of our products are fair trade and organic. It is very important to us to support our farmers who bring us the most pure, perfectly ripe beans that are ready to roast. 
  • BRÛ's headquarters are located in an antique elevator in the historic Praetorian building in the heart of downtown Waco. The elevator is locked in place and preserved to show all the original fabric and architectural elements. Check out our Facebook page to see a short video about the build out. . 
  • The espresso machine was made specifically for BRU from solid copper and brass by an incredible man named Salvatoré in Florence Italy. It even has our name engraved inside!
  • The roaster we use is an antique roaster made in 1898! All of the beans are fire roasted and ground in house in small batches to preserve freshness.
  • The name “Brû” itself is short for the French word “Brûlerie,” meaning “roast,” and was chosen as a nod to the large French influences in coffee culture. The name also references a Latin term for bear, in honor of Baylor.